what's emergent order?

emergent order (n.) [ih-mur-juh nt awr-dr]

  1. The spontaneous emergence of order out of chaos in self-organizing systems.
  2. Austin-based creative agency specializing in innovative branded content campaigns.

What is branded content?

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The advertising world is being turned upside down. As social media moves closer to the center of most marketing strategies, brands of all sizes have started listening to their audiences. One high-value audience in particular (hint: they rhyme will “fillennials”) has emphatically rejected traditional advertising in favor of branded content produced with a purpose beyond pure consumption.

Emergent Order partners with brands to create and distribute compelling multi-platform content that drives consumer action. Our team has been delivering successful branded content campaigns for nearly two decades, building equity and generating engagements by telling stories that align with brand goals.

We measure, monitor, and optimize our branded content campaigns in real time. This allows our team to integrate data-driven insights into the creative design and structure of our marketing. Does that mean we put science above art? Absolutely not. It means we tell smarter brand stories.


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Our co-founders cut their teeth in New York City, creating award-winning integrated marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Burger King, Subaru, Geico, and more. Then they discovered breakfast tacos. The rest is history.

John Papola

CEO + Exec Creative Director

Josh Meyers

Head of Post Production

Lisa Versaci

Development Executive

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5 dogs. 15 geeks. 200 Apple products.

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Marshall Walker Lee

Associate Creative Director

Cody Lee

Head of Digital Marketing

Michele Roi

Head of Operations

Teryn Fogel

Head of Production

Weston Woodward

Head of Accounts

Max Borders

Director of Idea Accounts & Education Programs

Adam Ziske

Junior Creative / Identity Designer

Bryan Hunt

Motion Designer

Canyon Darcy

Associate Producer

Dwight Fisher

Associate Producer

Ellen Bartling

Junior Creative / UX & UI Designer

Josh Hilliard

Assistant Editor

Page Jensen-Slättengren

Junior Creative / Writer

Steve Krueger

Senior Creative / Writer

Warren Davis

Development Executive

The Dogs

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