EO Geekly: Brand Identity Design

Here’s a thought experiment: The movers you’ve hired to help you relocate lose all of the boxes containing your clothing. Every sweater. Every shoe. Even the underwear. Gone. The owner of the moving company makes you an offer. He will buy you a new wardrobe, but there’s a catch...

EO Geekly: The Art of Compromise

Follow me into the wayback machine...

EO Geekly: Pitcher Up

It’s baseball season. It’s new-business season. And, at least in our office, it’s always self-improvement season. Which means it’s time to talk about pitching...

EO Geekly: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

With seemingly unprecedented levels of negativity and antagonism infecting public life, we wanted to switch gears and focus on the friendlier side of life.

EO Geekly: Yikes! Life as we know it is bananas

Rebrands gone wrong. Musical apologies. Vegan bullies. Life is getting weirder by the minute. And these days we often feel like there’s only one word that can sum up our feelings...

EO Geekly: A Deeper Look at Authenticity

Fake news. Data breaches. Broken promises. It’s no surprise that in Edelman’s latest Trust Barometer report, the data shows a world of distrust. “Authenticity” has been offered as one antidote to the problem; but what does it mean to be authentic, and how do we actually behave authentically?

EO Geekly: Taking a Stand

Donald Glover released his latest Childish Gambino video this past weekend, titled, simply but with no simplicity, This Is America. If you weren’t one of the 50 million people who watched within days of the video going online, prepare yourself...

EO Geekly: Work in Progress

We can declare victory, define completion, say “we’re done”—but everything will ultimately change...

EO Geekly: Unexpected Wins

Two big unexpected victories anchor this week’s Geekly: Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer prize and Jordan Peele’s deepfake PSA. The first is an unequivocal win for hip-hop fans everywhere, and the second is an unnerving victory in the war on truth...

EO Geekly: Help Wanted

We’re getting ready to do some hiring over here at EO HQ in Austin, so this week we’re focusing on the various ways that people want, need, ask for, and provide help...

EO Geekly: Fun with taxes

Friendly reminder: this weekend is your last opportunity to file your taxes before the April 17 deadline! We know, it’s a taxing time (especially on Friday the 13th)..

EO Geekly: Creative cross-pollination

My allergies are flaring, the weather is warming, flowers are blooming—Spring is here! It’s a season of growth, surprise, and, yes, pollen...

Top 10 fusion restaurants in Austin with the most positively passionate fans

In honor of our first week of Spring Geekly—which celebrates (or condemns) novel mashups in the worlds of branding, marketing, and entertainment—we set out to find the best restaurants in Austin that combine multiple cuisines...

EO Geekly: How design can make us happy

Scandals, war, recessions. Enough bleak news—let’s talk about happiness!

EO Geekly: Facebook is moving fast & breaking everything

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a cornerstone of our digital lives, providing authentication services, messaging, content, and—theoretically—a meaningful point of connection with distant friends and colleagues...

Best spas in Austin: big data reveals the top 10 most-loved locations

If you’re looking to get pampered in Austin, there’s no shortage of places...

EO Geekly: Recharging during SXSW

The madness of SXSW is drawing to a close this Sunday. If you’re like us, you’re probably ready to relax, refresh, and recharge. Here are a few of our favorite places in Austin to lay low and avoid the crowds.

EO Geekly: Navigating SXSW

SXSW is upon us! Navigating it can be a mess, and deciding what to attend is daunting. This week, we’d like to direct you to some of our favorites from the EO community.

EO Geekly: Tech at the movies

In the past two decades, technology has radically changed our relationship to cinema—movies are now filmed, edited, and distributed digitally—and with the Oscars rapidly approaching, our team has been thinking...

Oscars 2018: The people’s choice for best picture

The 2018 Oscars are this Sunday, March 4, and there are nine films up for best picture...

Oscar nominations by movie 2018

Wondering which movie to dash and see before the Oscars? Or curious how the nominations broke down by film? We made a handy list of all nominations by movie title to make it easy!

EO Geekly: Making history

Last Friday, we took an EO field trip to see Black Panther, and it did not disappoint. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. It’s making history.

EO Geekly: Made with love…

Stories from the worlds of design, advertising, athletics, and film.

EO Geekly: Do you like coffee?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re 1) our people, 2) going to love this week’s Geekly, and 3) one of 150 million Americans who drink coffee every day.

Yelp, VADER, and the best coffee shops in Austin

The National Coffee Association estimates that more than 150 million Americans drink coffee every day, many of them at one of the 24,000+ coffee shops in the country. According to Yelp, there are 1,576 places to get coffee in Austin alone. Which raises the question: what’s the best coffee shop in Austin?

What's new? Introducing EO Geekly

It’s a new year, and that means we have an excuse to launch NEW THINGS. I’m excited to introduce EO Geekly, a weekly roundup of educational, interesting, or entertaining content curated by the geeks with heart at Emergent Order.