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In the world of digital marketing, change is the only constant, so we embrace it. We are relentlessly dedicated to understanding the newest platforms and processes. Whether you want to sell more products, reach more people, or change hearts and minds, we can craft and execute a custom amplification program for you.

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Our clients:

John Mackey

Co-Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market

Working against an aggressive deadline, Emergent Order produced a powerful feature film that raised consciousness without preaching — not an easy task. They routinely exceeded my expectations during both the production and marketing of the film. I look forward to working with their team again.


Whole Foods Market & The Humane Society / At the Fork

Our team loves animals. Just ask our office dogs. All six of them. So we leapt at the opportunity to partner with Whole Foods Market and the Humane Society of the United States to produce At the Fork, a documentary film about animals, farming, food…and our boss’s lifelong obsession with baby back ribs. But we didn’t stop there: In addition to the film, we created 2 websites, 1 immersive virtual reality app, a multi-platform impact marketing campaign, and much, much more. / Freedom on Trial

We helped, a project of the nonprofit Cato Institute, engage complex economic issues in a totally new (and entertaining) way. Our team wrote and produced Freedom on Trial, a three-part courtroom drama, and supported the original content with educational wraparound materials and a robust digital marketing campaign.

Artists4America / Share Wars

Don’t believe the hype, teenagers have it rough. Besides facing constant scrutiny from parents, teachers, and the media, they’re entering the workforce at one of the most uncertain times in modern history. Maybe that’s why more than 80% of teens want to be able to harness the power of the sharing economy to earn a living. We created Share Wars to introduce teens to the underlying economic principles that are helping the sharing economy rewrite the rules of work and income.

The Beacon Center of Tennessee / End the Hall Tax

The nonprofit Beacon Center of Tennessee approached Emergent Order with an unusual request: Create a multi-platform marketing campaign to repeal Tennessee’s Hall Tax, an 87-year-old income tax that disproportionately harmed senior citizens and small business owners.

MyMagicMud / Marketing & UX Design

San Marcos, Texas was recently named one of the “10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America” by Business Insider; and as far as we’re concerned, the most exciting thing in San Marcos is My Magic Mud. This family-friendly line of activated charcoal hygiene products is exploding in popularity, and our digital marketing campaign has helped them unlock new markets in America and beyond.