Insights. Ideas. Execution.

Webtoon / The Green Room

The world’s fastest growing digital comics publisher asked us to design a pop-up experience for creators and media at San Diego Comic Con. The Brief? Make it sexy. Make it strange. Make the guests feel like VIPs.

Whole Foods Market & The Humane Society / At the Fork

Our team loves animals. Just ask our office dogs. All six of them. So we leapt at the opportunity to partner with Whole Foods Market and the Humane Society of the United States to produce At the Fork, a documentary film about animals, farming, food…and our boss’s lifelong obsession with baby back ribs. But we didn’t stop there: In addition to the film, we created 2 websites, 1 immersive virtual reality app, a multi-platform impact marketing campaign, and much, much more.

Pacific Legal Foundation /

A multi-website overhaul to help a national public interest law firm tell better stories and increase their donation revenue. / Freedom on Trial

We helped, a project of the nonprofit Cato Institute, engage complex economic issues in a totally new (and entertaining) way. Our team wrote and produced Freedom on Trial, a three-part courtroom drama, and supported the original content with educational wraparound materials and a robust digital marketing campaign.

Artists4America / Share Wars

Don’t believe the hype, teenagers have it rough. Besides facing constant scrutiny from parents, teachers, and the media, they’re entering the workforce at one of the most uncertain times in modern history. Maybe that’s why more than 80% of teens want to be able to harness the power of the sharing economy to earn a living. We created Share Wars to introduce teens to the underlying economic principles that are helping the sharing economy rewrite the rules of work and income.

The Beacon Center of Tennessee / End the Hall Tax

The nonprofit Beacon Center of Tennessee approached Emergent Order with an unusual request: Create a multi-platform marketing campaign to repeal Tennessee’s Hall Tax, an 87-year-old income tax that disproportionately harmed senior citizens and small business owners.

Independent Institute / Love Gov

The Independent Institute is an Oakland, CA-based nonprofit research center that sponsors studies of critical social and economic issues. When their first mobile app, a tax calculator called MyGovCost, failed to connect with millennials, they asked our team to overhaul the app and create a branded content campaign to drive downloads and engagement.

State Policy Network / FreeTogether

When State Policy Network asked Emergent Order to create a campaign to inspire Americans to stand up for their civil liberties, we did what we do best: We told stories. The resulting cross-platform campaign featured documentary videos, editorial content, targeted social media marketing, and local advertising on TV and radio. The results? 230,000 video views resulting in 10,000 new Facebook fans and 18,000 website visits.

Keynes vs Hayek

Tupac and Biggie. Jay Z and Nas. Keynes and Hayek. In the wake of the 2008 recession, we partnered with Russ Roberts, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, to create “Fear the Boom and Bust,” a rap battle between the two greatest economists of the 20th century. The video became a surprise viral hit, generating millions of views and spawning an equally popular sequel, “Fight of the Century.”

Social Evolution / Brand Identity & Web Design

Inspired by optical illusions and their role in shaping human perception, we created a brand identity for a nonprofit committed to changing the way we look at institutions, media, and politics.

MyMagicMud / Marketing & UX Design

San Marcos, Texas was recently named one of the “10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America” by Business Insider; and as far as we’re concerned, the most exciting thing in San Marcos is My Magic Mud. This family-friendly line of activated charcoal hygiene products is exploding in popularity, and our digital marketing campaign has helped them unlock new markets in America and beyond.


We play just as hard as we work. Inspired by the possibilities of virtual reality, we used a 3D-printed camera rig and 14 GoPros to create EO VR LAB: a virtual playground for VR storytelling.

Spike TV / Back to the Future

To celebrate the Spike TV Scream Awards, we produced this shot-for-shot recreation of the original theatrical trailer for Back to the Future, starring none other than Marty McFly himself.

Defense Priorities / Brand Identity Design

Whoever said that the best defense is a strong offense never staged a military coup. Here at Emergent Order, we believe that war is, y’know, bad. It hurts people, destroys property, and wastes precious resources. So we were excited to help a new nonprofit dedicated to promoting military restraint build a unique brand identity.

The Kronies

Inspired by our favorite Saturday morning cartoons, we partnered with Powerhouse Animation Studios to create The Kronies, a team of political antiheroes led by the most powerful man in America, Big G. We started with a satirical commercial for Kronies action figures, but we didn’t stop there. Our team produced a suite of animated shorts, character videos, and PSAs featuring General Surgeon, Bankor, Ariel Stryker, Kaptain Korn, and Parts & Labor.

Yes on 122 / Intervention Arizona

This mockumentary-style spot raised awareness for Prop 122, an Arizona state constitutional amendment designed to curb wasteful government spending. Targeted media buying and social marketing helped us reach undecided voters in the Copper State. Prop 122 ultimately passed by a margin of 51% to 49%. Score one for the good guys!


Conceived and produced by the Emergent Order team in partnership with New York City’s Moving Picture Institute, EconPop is the ultimate expression of our geeks-with-heart ethos—an original web series that explores (and sometimes explodes) economic themes in popular films like RoboCop and WALL-E. Hosted by comedian Andrew Heaton and distributed on EO’s Econstories channel, season one of EconPop grabbed more than 1 million organic views in 12 months.

Pfizer / BeLive

Collaborating with NYC agency Sudler & Hennessey, we created a 2-minute video showcasing the sophisticated technology behind Pfizer’s BeLive, the world’s first wearable patient diary. The spot went on to be shortlisted for a 2016 Cannes Lions Award.

KindHealth / Web Video & Graphic Design

Emergent Order developed a full suite of branded content and promotional materials to launch KindHealth, an innovate insurance marketplace that gives customers everything they need—and nothing they don’t—to find the perfect plan.

Campbell’s / Coach Dad

When football season rolls around, we know who the real MVPs are.

The Brookings Institution & Harvard University / Endangering Prosperity

When Brookings Institution and Harvard University came to us to help them promote their book Endangering Prosperity: A Global View of the American School, we created a spot that handled heavy material with a light hand.


During South by Southwest 2015, we decided to throw a party to celebrate all the things we love: Technology, storytelling, and music. We invited innovators from Chaotic Moon, Honest Dollar, Whole Foods Market, and to address the huddled masses on Austin’s famous 6th Street, and we asked one of our favorite local bands, The Octopus Project, to keep the party rolling late into the night.