Let’s be honest. "Libertarianism" is trigger word. And "minimum wage"? Even more so. Our challenge was to find a vehicle for exploring libertarian economic concepts that brought new viewers into the fold, rather than scaring them away.


Our creative team explored a range of concepts (Snapchat? A public stunt at the state capitol?) before settling on a format that perfectly marries libertarian intellectual rigor with big-tent emotional appeal: Courtroom drama. The prosecution and defense could fairly represent both sides of a sticky issue, thereby giving all viewers a safe point of entry.

Freedom on Trial focuses on Philip, a small-town business owner who becomes an overnight celebrity when he’s arrested for failing to pay his teenage employee the minimum wage. We supported the three-part series with a 6-week marketing campaign and a suite of educational bonus content.


We pushed our production department to the limit, asking them to produce a broadcast-ready pilot on a tight budget. We released all three episodes simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook Native, driving viewers to a content-rich microsite on Libertarianism.org. The 6-week promotional campaign attracted new affinity audiences while retargeting encouraged viewers to complete the entire series.


Hot-button issues, accessible entertainment, and massive social engagement combined to propel Freedom on Trial to one million views in just two weeks. The videos exposed nearly two million new people to the Libertarianism.org brand and, more importantly, drove a meaningful discussion of the minimum wage. In fact, Freedom on Trial was so successful, a second series is already under way.