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My allergies are flaring, the weather is warming, flowers are blooming—Spring is here! It’s a season of growth, surprise, and, yes, pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. This week, we celebrate (or condemn) novel combinations in the worlds of branding, marketing, and entertainment.


Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

Warby Parker and Arby’s create a fake brand, world says “Meh”

WArby’s is the April Fools’ love child of a hip eyewear startup and a 53-year-old fast food chain. What do the two brands have in common? Nothing but their names—and even that is a stretch. If you want to expand your market, please, don’t do it at the expense of your core fanbase.

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Old Spice turns a print ad into a wearable blazer

Now this is a surprise we can get behind! Old Spice is known for mocking traditional advertising approaches and one-upping the industry. For the release of their new fragrance, rather than creating scent strips, they created a scented blazer which can be removed from their ad in GQ magazine and worn.

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Film director Edgar Wright teams up with Beck

Edgar Wright is most known for directing feature films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, but he’s always loved making music videos. The result of this mashup is a delightful music video for Beck’s new song, Colors.

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SNL star Bill Hader co-creates a hitman comedy with Alec Berg

A hitman comedy, you say? Yes! And a good one. Bill Hader wrote, directed, and stars in the new HBO series, Barry. His talents are amplified by co-creator, Alec Berg, a veteran comedy writer for shows like Seinfeld and Silicon Valley.

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Novelty company ThinkGeek actually manufactures April Fools’ products

You know what really makes an April Fools’ Day prank pay off? Having it pay off, literally. This company manufactures and sells the fake products that fans truly love, like the tentacuddle blanket, technomancer hoodie, canned unicorn meat, and tauntaun sleeping bag.

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BONUS: Dogs review Isle of Dogs

This idea is more fun than the actual result, but we do love a good pup video, especially when the doggos are reviewing a movie that mashes up American star power, Japanese culture, and stop motion animation.

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DOUBLE BONUS: VADER and the top 10 fusion restaurants in Austin

This week, VADER helped us sift through more than 35,000+ Yelp reviews to find the best restaurants that combine multiple cuisines. Have you been to any of these spots with the most positively passionate fans?

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