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Marshall Walker Lee

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a cornerstone of our digital lives, providing authentication services, messaging, content, and—theoretically—a meaningful point of connection with distant friends and colleagues. But after a decade of unprecedented growth, Facebook is under attack on multiple fronts, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces a monumental task: Right the ship, or risk a failure that could upend the digital economy.

In this week’s Geekly, we’re sharing just a few of our favorite hot takes on the current state of Facebook.


Marshall Lee
Creative Director

How to design a disaster

From the very beginning, Facebook declared its intention to “move fast and break things,” and in the last decade, most of Silicon Valley followed Facebook’s lead. Now, the tech and design communities are beginning to question if breaking everything is really the best way to build the future.

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Fake news; real depression

The hits just keep on coming. Not only is Facebook being accused of undermining American democracy and dismantling the Fourth Estate, but now science is confirming what many of us suspected all along: Facebook makes users lonely and depressed.

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If you don’t delete it, secure it

Not everybody has the option of deleting Facebook. The network effects that made Facebook a behemoth also make it difficult for journalists, creative professionals, and marketers to walk away from the platform. This article contains some helpful tips to secure your privacy if you’re unable or don’t want to delete your profile.

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Groups, a savior for brands and marketers?

In addition to the #DeleteFacebook exodus, algorithm changes have taken a huge hit to brands’ ability to reach their fans. Facebook groups and smart community management may be the key to staying relevant—and alive.

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BONUS: Is Zuck Silicon Valley’s Napoleon?

Mark Zuckerberg is short...but not that short. So why does he obsessively stage photo opportunities to make himself appear taller? Like Napoleon Bonaparte and Genghis Khan before him, Zuck seems to be a little man with a big chip on his shoulder.

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DOUBLE BONUS: Regulators! Mount up!

In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg declared that he’d be happy to have government regulators monitor Facebook. Of course he would! Anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of economics knows that regulatory capture is a powerful tool for corporations like Facebook. And you know who has a rudimentary knowledge of economics? Andrew Heaton. Watch Heaton discuss the dangers of regulatory capture in this episode of EconPop.

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