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Friendly reminder: this weekend is your last opportunity to file your taxes before the April 17 deadline! We know, it’s a taxing time (especially on Friday the 13th). These stories gave us some joy, wonder, and laughs this week. Hopefully, they do the same for you!


Cody Lee
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16 fun facts about beer and taxes

Did you know that April 7 was National Beer Day? If you missed out on celebrating, why not raise a belated glass 10 days later? After all, beer and taxes have gone together likes hops and barley for centuries.

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In Mexico, artists can pay taxes with artwork

You read that right! More than 700 artists in Mexico pay their taxes with artwork as part of the Pago en Especie (Payment in Kind) program—the only one of its type in the world. They’ve curated quite a collection since the program launched in 1957.

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Start saving your tax refunds for a stay at this space hotel

The final frontier is coming to the masses—err, the elite! Houston-based Orion Span Inc. hopes to launch the first space hotel in 2021 and welcome its first guests the following year, for a mere $792,000 per night.

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Too taxing to imagine? Parallel reality displays

The delightfully-named Misapplied Sciences Inc. is a startup founded by a small team of Microsoft and Walt Disney Imagineering veterans who are working on the next generation of displays—ones that show different images to different people at the exact same time. The technology has mind-blowing potential.

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BONUS: 13 people who don’t seem to understand that things cost money

For all the griping we do about taxes, the fact remains that yes, things cost money. These 13 people missed the memo, and their text conversations with service providers are painfully hilarious. Our personal favorite? “I’m not paying for a website that’s going to be free to visit, that doesn’t make any sense.”

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