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Scandals, war, recessions. Enough bleak news—let’s talk about happiness! This week’s Geekly stops to smell the proverbial flowers by exploring a few of our favorite efforts to design a happier, healthier, more joyful world.


Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

Three ways good design can make you happy

In this invigorating TED Talk, design critic Don Norman discusses three human processing levels—visceral, behavioral, and reflective—and how good design can trigger positive emotions at each level.

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Behind the scenes of designed delight

OMG. If Apple’s latest ad for HomePod hasn’t made you smile yet, watch it before you read any further. Then watch the equally mesmerizing documentary on how director Spike Jonze and star FKA twigs collaborated with dozens of creative pros to bring their vision to life.

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How design can help community activism

Design is far more than just how something looks. This essay goes into how seven principles of design anthropology can be applied for more fulfilling and successful activism.

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Creating happy places

Vitra is a Swedish furniture and design company. Their Vitra Campus in Germany serves as both a production site and a place of inspiration and experimentation for fans of design and architecture from all over the world. This year, one of their buildings has been turned into an installation called “Happy Places,” designed to be the ideal home environment for a busy, creative young family.

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Soaring through the branches of the world’s largest hanging garden

The French masterminds of mechanical delight, Les Machines de L’ile, have an ambitious new project underway. The Heron’s Tree is set to be the largest hanging garden built since ancient Babylon, spanning over 160 feet in diameter and reaching 114 feet into the sky, where a mechanical heron carries passengers on circular flights. Click for videos, pictures, and sketches of the work in progress!

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A lifetime of hidden photography revealed

Masha Ivashintsova was a Russian artist and theater critic who took more than 30,000 photographs in her lifetime without telling a soul. After her death, her daughter found the pictures and created this website to share her mother’s beautiful work with the world.

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BONUS: Wendy’s released a mixtape and it’s kind of great

Yes, an actual mixtape with five songs available on Spotify and Apple Music called We Beefin?. With song titles like “Twitter Fingers,” “Rest in Grease,” and “4 for 4$,” it’s an extension of the brand’s notorious social voice, which unabashedly roasts competitors—to fans’ delight.

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