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Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrated by sharing a candlelit dinner with your sweetie, or by weeping into a pint of rocky road, I think we can all agree that love is complicated, nourishing, and vital. That’s why this week we’re sharing stories of love in action from the worlds of design, advertising, athletics, and film.

Marshall Walker Lee
Associate Creative Director

Before you can love your audience, you have to get to know them

Our favorite survey tool, Typeform, has overhauled their backend and launched an easier, faster, more intuitive update. Typeform even shared their APIs, enabling developers like us to integrate their UX into our products.

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Love and affection in a Post-Weinstein world

In the #MeToo era, those classic, creepy cards we exchanged as children are beginning to feel like the romantic equivalent of Locker Room Talk. This year, give the gift of a no-nonsense Consensual Greeting with Kassandra Pollard’s timely cards.

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Can Chrome users learn to love ads?

More than half of all people accessing the web with a browser use Google Chrome. This week, Google rolled out an update that will block ads in 12 categories if sites don’t comply with their “Better Ads Standards.” Theoretically, this could lead to a more lovable user experience.

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Behold, the majesty of the Winter Olympics’ least lovable sport

Cross-country skiing is the Platonic ideal of sport: solitary, grueling, a metaphorical battle for survival in which the metaphor is thrillingly slight. Olympic skiers consume up to 8,000 calories per day just to survive their training. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. This New York Times interactive takes a look at what cross-country skiing reveals about the human condition.

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BONUS: Should animal lovers eat meat?

Because we’re still wrestling with this question three years after we made the movie...

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