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Last Friday, we took an EO field trip to see Black Panther, and it did not disappoint. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. It’s making history. In fact, quite a few things are this month. This week’s Geekly covers some of our favorites.


Cody Lee
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Black Panther breaks all the records

Nine box office records in total, with a lot of near-misses. Our favorite fact from this article? In one weekend, Black Panther has already outgrossed Justice League in North America. 

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John Papola pens the first EconStories blog post

History is made! The EconStories blog is alive. In this first post, John shares his very own econ story and reflects on the past 10 years since the event that inspired “Fear the Boom and Bust.”

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Netflix changes the movie marketing game with instant availability

There was no shortage of movie trailers during the Superbowl. But only one company released a trailer for a movie that was then immediately available to watch. Netflix’s stunt for The Cloverfield Paradox shrunk the standard marketing cycle down from weeks or months to minutes.

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Laser mapping uncovers dozens of ancient Mayan cities

Lasers, making history out of history. 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures were revealed beneath the jungles of northern Guatemala thanks to a revolutionary technique known as “lidar.”

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Snowboarder wins gold in SKIING

Ester Ledecka, the Czech athlete who stunned the world last weekend by winning the women’s Super-G race, was ranked 43rd going into the Olympics. Also this week: the USA women’s hockey team prevented Canada from making history in a thrilling shootout and two cross-country skiers ended one of the longest droughts in U.S. Olympics sports.

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BONUS: Elon Musk shot a Tesla into space; this website lets you track it

On February 6th, the first Falcon Heavy—now the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two—was launched into space. On board that rocket? A Tesla Roadster with Starman. Where in the world is Starman? Nowhere. He’s in space. 

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