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It’s baseball season. It’s new-business season. And, at least in our office, it’s always self-improvement season. Which means it’s time to talk about pitching—pitching yourself, your work, and, well, baseballs. Whatever the context, the s of pitching requires concentration, preparation, and a little bit of luck. So to help you get warmed up, here are some of our favorite notes on pitching from around the Web.

Dani Adelman
Project Manager 

Ideas are easy; pitching them is harder

When pitching your ideas to a virtual stranger, it turns out it’s hard not to be judged immediately. If, for instance, the “catcher” detects that the pitcher isn’t creative, the pitch can go downhill quickly. Alternatively, catchers tend to respond well when they feel they’re a core part of the idea’s development. There’s so much to be aware of when going into a pitch that it’s best to do a little categorization first, and determine which type of pitcher you are: the showrunner, the artist, or the neophyte. Read on to find out more about each one, and how you can improve your chances of selling your ideas.

How to Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

Technology allows us to do almost anything these days. Case in point: a motion analysis lab in New York City that uses video technology to study and improve the throwing motion of baseball pitchers. In this fascinating video, Wall Street Journal’s Matthew Futterman looks for answers — specifically, how to throw the perfect pitch.

Start Pitching

iPhone Newness

All ideas were pitched at some point, including all the rad new features that come to your iPhone technology every so often. The latest ideas that made it through the ringer include: tools to break your phone addiction, memojis and animojis, group FaceTime, and multi-user augmented reality.

Boost your iPhone

How to Pitch Your Startup

The first step to pitching your startup? Creating your story. This is a foundational element of any lasting company. And in just 4 key steps, you can learn all of the other “secrets” to making your business shine and appealing to investors.

Tell Your Story

Learning How to Share

This book is an oldie, but a goodie. And a shoe-in for this week’s topic. Austin local Austin Kleon released his book, Show Your Work! in 2014, and it’s still very much on point. In it, he shares insights about how to share your creativity with the world. He includes advice such as: think process, not product, tell good stories, and learn to take a punch. The ultimate message is clear: stop worrying and start sharing.

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