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The madness of SXSW is drawing to a close this Sunday. This year, nearly 200,000 people came to Austin to learn, network, brainstorm, collaborate, eat, drink, and choke the streets with traffic. As always, it’s been a blast...and we’re exhausted!

If you’re like us, you’re probably ready to relax, refresh, and recharge. Here are a few of our favorite places in Austin to lay low and avoid the crowds—plus, my personal favorite, a VADER-powered list of the best spas in town.


Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

Where to eat to avoid the crowds

Food is essential, and waiting in line is overrated. This list contains some EO faves, like Cosmic Coffee, Fresa’s, and Mattie’s.

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Sober up while keeping it social

Sans Bar is the first and only sober bar in Austin. Well, sort of. They don’t have a permanent location yet, but they host events with delicious non-alcoholic drinks all over the city. Keep an eye out on their Instagram for details.

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Ready to give up crowds, but not beer?

Jester King’s farmhouse brewery is a gem in the Hill Country just 30 minutes outside of town. They offer free brewery tours multiple times a day and an outside patio with pizza and games.

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Five tucked-away hiking trails

Get away from everything and return to nature with any of these great hikes. Don’t worry, all of them are less-traveled than Town Lake or the Barton Creek Greenbelt. EO office dogs are particularly fond of the Turkey Creek Trail.

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Get pampered at these VADER-approved, most-loved Austin spas

Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing trip to the spa? Well, judging by a few Yelp reviews, more people than expected. In our latest VADER-powered post, we identify the top 10 Austin spas with the most positively passionate fans.

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BONUS: Listen to the soothing voice of the narrator behind our Emergence series

Sometimes, the best way to relax is to put on some headphones and hear a British accent. ...Or is that just me? Video topics include: the rise of the internet, the price of coffee, and the invention of language.

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