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In the past two decades, technology has radically changed our relationship to cinema—movies are now filmed, edited, and distributed digitally—and with the Oscars rapidly approaching, our team has been thinking about the future of movies. How we make them. How we watch them. How we rate them. Here are some of our favorite stories at the intersection of film and tech, including our VADER-powered best picture prediction.


Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

VADER and big data reveal the people’s choice for best picture

In anticipation of the Academy Awards on March 4, we decided to use our favorite machine learning tool to analyze Rotten Tomatoes audience reviews and find the nominee with the most positively passionate fans.

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Vox provides the case for and against every best picture nominee

Often, what wins best picture doesn’t necessarily match the popular vote. Vox gives their low-tech perspective on what might actually win.

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Will the next best picture be enhanced by artificial intelligence?

The scientists at MIT Media Lab have taught a machine how to manipulate emotions. While the technology can’t create movies from scratch, it may have some use in the edit room.

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Generative algorithms can now construct movies from text

It may be a long way from making the next best picture nominee, but this algorithm has applications far beyond Hollywood.

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BONUS: Every Oscar nomination by movie title

Wondering which movie to dash and see before Sunday? Or curious how the nominations broke down by film? We made a handy list of all nominations by movie title to make it easy!

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