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Two big unexpected victories anchor this week’s Geekly: Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer prize and Jordan Peele’s deepfake PSA. The first is an unequivocal win for hip-hop fans everywhere, and the second is an unnerving victory in the war on truth, brought to us by one of the most influential voices in contemporary comedy. Luckily for us, Peele is turning an evil technology on its head, using fake news to warn us about the dangers of fake news. Also featured: stories about billboards, progress bars, education, and Prince!


Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

Lamar and hip-hop earn a Pulitzer

This win shocked many in the classical music world, but we. are. stoked. Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, Damn., is the US’s biggest-selling hip-hop album of 2017, and is the first non-classical or -jazz winner of the Pulitzer prize for music.

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Jordan Peele deepfakes the internet

Have you been faked out by oscar-winning filmmaker’s Jordan Peele’s latest PSA? The Get Out director teamed up with his brother-in-law, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti, and Obama to create an unnerving warning about trusting everything you see online.

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Billboards are making a comeback

In the age of digital, out-of-home placements are seeing a resurgence. Your ad blocker doesn’t work on them. Your remote control doesn’t, either. And as much as you want to look away, advertisers are giving you something worth seeing.

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Progress bars mitigate our fear of death

Ever noticed how progress bars for downloads and updates often rapidly go from 0 to 98% and then hang for awhile near the end? There’s a reason for that. Journalist Daniel Engber goes deep on the history and psychology of progress bar design in this TED video.

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How to transform failure into victory

A new research center at Columbia University is committed to figuring out how failure can be used as a motivator. One finding? Students can grow both from learning about the failures of other successful people and from experiencing failure themselves, so long as they are encouraged to figure out what went wrong and try to improve.

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BONUS: New Prince album of unreleased music coming in September

Prince fans rejoice! The caretakers of the late legend’s estate are putting together an album of “mind-blowing” material previously locked away in Prince’s vault.

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