EO Geekly: Why Can’t We Be Friends? 

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With seemingly unprecedented levels of negativity and antagonism infecting public life, we wanted to switch gears and focus on the friendlier side of life. From navigating office friendships to syncing data and design, to banding together in the face of a natural disaster, we delve into the wild and wonderful world of friendly pairings — because, to paraphrase War, we not may speak right, but we know what we’re talking about.

Dani Adelman
Project Manager 

The ups and downs of workplace friendships

Workplace friendships can be a tricky business. When you befriend someone you share an office with, life gets better but work gets, well, complicated. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through all that muckiness a with a bit less anxiety.

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Data and design: best friends?

Generally speaking, data and design come from very different backgrounds. But just like so many pairs of opposites, they can come together in beautiful balance. In fact, this pairing (friendship, if you will) might just help you conduct inspiring project research.

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The tricky business of lending money to friends

Ever heard of a “kye”? We hadn’t either! Kye is a Korean term dating back to the 16th century. It’s a type of lending group of neighbors and friends who gather once a month, each contributing the same amount of money to the group. At each monthly meeting, one person receives the month’s funds, so they can go off and (hopefully) start a flourishing business. And this could be the entrepreneurial answer America has been waiting for.

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Friendship 3.0

Tinder may not be the optimal place to find a strictly platonic relationship. But plenty of other apps will help facilitate you meeting the friend of your dreams. Bumble BFF, Friendmatch, and SKOUT can all be totally conducive to finding people with common interests...and meeting them IRL when you’re ready.

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In the midst of a serious drought, friendships blossom

Cape Town, South Africa has been in the midst of extreme drought. But somehow, this disastrous environmental circumstance has united all its citizens — people of different classes, races and belief systems. They’ve even deemed each other “fellow water warriors.”

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BONUS: How to make friends and rant productively

Did you know there’s a right way to rant? Well, maybe not a right way. But at least a productive way. This step-by-step guide touches on: going with your gut, avoiding public meltdowns, and even finding a friend.

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