EO Geekly: Yikes! Life as we know it is bananas

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Rebrands gone wrong. Musical apologies. Vegan bullies. Life is getting weirder by the minute. And these days we often feel like there’s only one word that can sum up our feelings: Yikes! This week’s Geekly explores the strangely cool and the just plain strange that’s seemingly stronger all around us every day.

Dani Adelman
Project Manager 

How Dropbox recovered after a jarring rebrand

What do you do when your rebrand is widely rejected by your users? Well, in the case of Dropbox, you listen and you learn. See how their recent rebrand shocked users, how they responded, and what they did to correct course.

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Big Tobacco apologizes...mostly...with country music

After years of denying evidence that tobacco products are deadly and addictive, the tobacco industry has been mandated to publicly admit wrongdoing. But since the ruling specifically required statements to run in newspapers and on major broadcast networks — two largely out-of-date mediums — smoking prevention campaign Truth decided to partner with CollegeHumor to write a song about it instead.

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The Indoor Generation: How Light and Air Quality Affect our Well-being

Studies have shown that the average human spends 90 percent of their time indoors: where pollution is worse than you’d think and there’s a definite lack of sunlight (which can lead to all sorts of lower-functioning in our bodies). Says Russell Foster, the head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford: "We’ve gone from being an outdoor species to spending most of our time in dim, dark caves.” 

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It’s Tough Being a Vegan YouTube Star

Who knew that life as a vegan YouTube star could be so stressful? Due to unreasonable expectations from fans and followers, these social media stars are frequently subjected to “food bullying”—yes, you read that correctly. It’s just another example of the insidious ways our digital avatars undermine our IRL health.

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Lola Dupré’s mesmerizing new collages

Now for something a bit more lighthearted: Artist Lola Dupré’s work beautifully distorts the human form, defying both gravity and anatomy. She actually cuts her photographs into thousands of pieces and rearranges them to create these strangely lovely collages.

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BONUS: Ever hear about the Amber Alert text-back option?

Well, ok, it’s only a satire, but we had to include a throwback to Clickhole’s 2017 “major [Amber Alert] improvement,” that allegedly made it possible to actually respond to those startling text alerts on your phone. Beginning in June of last year, you could (not really) respond to said alerts with simply, “Yikes!”, indicating that you were upset about the abduction notification, instead of just ignoring it. How very thoughtful.

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