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It’s a new year, which means we have a great excuse to share NEW THINGS. The Emergent Order team is excited to introduce EO Geekly, a weekly roundup of educational, interesting, or entertaining content curated by our crew of geeks with heart. Every week, you can look forward to a new Geekly with the latest in creative, production, marketing, and entertainment news. The best part? Each post will have a theme that emerges (yes, emerges) from the cluster of content worth sharing with you that week. This week’s theme? Well, NEW THINGS of course. 

Cody Lee
Head of Digital Marketing

Emergent Order’s “Revelations of WACO” debuts on Paramount Network

Our new docuseries is live! This companion series launched last week in collaboration with Paramount Network’s new hit TV drama, WACO, starring Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch. The first episode covers the incident at Ruby Ridge several months before the 1993 Waco siege and how it foreshadows that event. A new episode drops every Weds after the show for the next month, so check 'em out on TV or online!

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Facebook: here’s how to prioritize friends, pages in your News Feed

The advertising industry is still reeling from the new Facebook algorithm change, which is prioritizing posts from friends and family in the News Feed. But you—and your followers—do have the ability to set your own preferences. 

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Justin Timberlake's new one-shot video took 200 people, weeks of planning

One minute he’s a flannel-clad Man of the Woods, the next he’s Steve Jobs introducing a dancing robot. Now, just days before his return to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, JT has dropped another ambitious music video featuring Chris Stapleton, a choir, and every cinephile’s favorite LA landmark, the Bradbury Building.

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RED says its Hydrogen One smartphone will ship this summer

You had us at “Potential cinema-quality video from a smartphone paired with a holographic screen.” WHAT?! Is this new gadget from the makers of our beloved RED cinema cameras too good to be true? Maybe. Will we find out for ourselves? Oh, most definitely. 

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Meet the newest member of the EO team, Syed!

Syed Zafar, our new digital marketing analyst, joins us with a background in data science and psychology. He’s already hard at work developing new methodologies for message testing using machine learning and big data. 

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BONUS: Have you tried these? They’re delicious!

Okay, so the bizarre Tide pod phenomenon isn’t exactly new, but we thought you might appreciate this Onion article from 2015, which may have inadvertently started the world’s stupidest internet craze.  

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