A Creative Studio for Storytelling

Emergent Order transforms powerful ideas into character-driven stories from the bottom up. We draw inspiration from the innovators, advocates and academics working every day to improve our world. From original economics rap battles to comedic web series to feature-length films and documentaries, we create evocative, unexpected, and intellectually engaging entertainment.

Working With Us

No silos. No egos. No BS.

The media and entertainment landscape is changing faster than memes get old (dank?). Traditional walls dividing “old” and “new” media are crumbling. That’s why we've created a flexible and collaborative studio — part production company, part consultancy, part digital publisher — to help investors, brand partners, and non-profits create character-driven content in any format on any platform.

Story first, second, and always.

Storytelling is the best way to engage an audience, build communities, and deliver a message. In fact, a growing body of research suggests that stories aren't just the best way to change people's minds — they're the only way. So, we collaborate with our partners to discover and refine the most compelling stories that will move people.

Big ideas. Bold takes. We break it down.

Our projects take on some of the biggest and most challenging ideas in the public discourse. From the ethics of animal agriculture to the economics of booms and busts, we break things down for audiences with bold, surprising creative approaches that move people and motivate change.

The People

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Head of Operations

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