• Campaign Ideation
    & Planning
    • Campaign Ideation & Planning

      Coming up with great ideas is what we do. They’re the result of hours of research, brainstorming, and occasionally a random stroke of brilliance on the drive home from the office. We look at your goals, target consumer, and product to develop campaigns that can last anywhere from a day to a year (or more).

  • Video
    • Video Production

      Video is one of the most effective communication mediums ever created. One well created video can easily achieve more impressions than all of a companies press releases and blog posts combined. We take a lot of pride in understanding your message and transforming it in a way that evokes emotion and inspires people to take action.

  • Strategic Launch
    • Strategic Launch Support

      You just had a beautiful award-inspiring video made: now what? Through a combination of organic and paid planning we can help make sure your video reaches the largest audience possible. After all, we didn’t get 7+ million hits on our economics videos just by posting them to YouTube and hoping for the best.

  • Community Management
    • Community Management

      Your Social Network platforms are where people go to connect with your brand and others like them. A well thought out community management strategy, including consistent editorial calendars, ensures your community stays engaged. When you find yourself having a United Breaks Guitars moment we’ll have a Crisis Response Plan already in place. Think of it as PR for the 21st century.

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing

      This is not just a buzzword. Social Media Marketing encompases everything from Influencer Outreach and Blogger Relations to Digital Media Buying. Effective Social Media Marketing can be the difference between growing your audience online and coasting into stagnation.


    • John Papola - CEO + CREATIVE DIRECTOR

      John Papola is an award-winning writer, producer and director with more than a decade of experience in broadcast television and marketing. As a creative principal at MTV, Nickelodeon and Spike TV, John launched numerous new shows, developed industry-leading branding practices, and supervised the promotion of flagship events. After the passing of his hero Steve Jobs, a grief-stricken John found solace at the bottom of an economics textbook.
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    • Josh Meyers - Head of Post Production

      Josh Meyers is a 12-year veteran of broadcast television production and post production, with numerous award-winning campaigns and hundreds of spots under his belt. As a senior editor and post production supervisor, Josh produced long and short form content for Spike, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and World Wrestling Entertainment. After hours, Josh enjoys writing scripts for his dystopian science-fiction comic book series “Salsa Dawg,” which he hopes will one day be continuous with the DC Universe.
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    • Lisa Versaci - Creative Director

      Lisa Versaci is a veteran television producer with an uncanny knack for spotting talent. While at Nickelodeon, Lisa spearheaded many successful network initiatives including the creation of “superbumpers”, a revolutionary branding tool that redefined the relationship between commercial breaks and programming. Lisa swears she is an Aries with Taurus Ascendant, even though no one at the office really knows what that means.
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    • Michele Roi - Head of Operations

      Michele Roi is a seasoned producer and account manager with over a decade of experience in entertainment and media production. Prior to joining Emergent Order, Michele helped launch and oversee Charlie Uniform Tango, a nationally-recognized post production and visual effects facility with offices in Austin and Dallas, where she worked on award-winning campaigns with some of the world’s largest ad agencies. A New Jersey native with Italian roots and Texan flair, Michele’s skills with a saucepan are legendary.
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    • Jason Rink - Account Manager + Producer

      Jason Rink is an award-winning author, producer and director of documentary films. In 2010, he established the Foundation for a Free Society, a Texas-based nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting the principles of peace and voluntary association. Since the mid-90s, Jason has diligently served the punk rock and heavy metal communities as the lead singer of The Flaming Intestines.
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    • Weston Woodward - Head of Media Strategy

      Weston Woodward is Emergent Order’s Digital Magician, a media and marketing master with deep experience in digital and social communications, SEO, digital media buying, crisis response and community management. When not crafting stories for the digital realm, you can find him struggling to shake his gringo hips in salsa class or daydreaming about being back in his second home, The Dominican Republic. 
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    • Marshall Lee - Head Writer + Producer

      Marshall Walker Lee is a writer, editor, visual artist and jack-of-all-trades with extensive experience in commercial publishing and advertising. As an independent consultant he developed and deployed branding strategies for Nike, the Kellogg Foundation, Prudential Real Estate and Dun & Bradstreet, among others. Although Marshall believes he could outrun a black bear, he knows that he should stand his ground and “look big” instead.
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    • Andrew Orsak - Art Director

      Andrew Orsak is a designer, director, writer, and avid technologist who brings ideas to life through his keen understanding of digital tools. He has served as the lead designer and art director on wide range of projects, from documentary feature films to targeted broadcast creative for clients including the Cooking Channel, The University of Texas, Alamo Drafthouse and C3 Presents. A certified alchemist and budding iridiologist, Andrew is a passionate student of the pseudosciences.
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